Tsebo Thought Leaders – Wynand Louw

Food plays a vital role in health and wellbeing, so when businesses shut down their canteens, restaurants and coffee shops as a result of lockdown restrictions, Wynand Louw, CEO Catering for the Tsebo Solutions Group and his team applied innovation, commitment and communication to ensure business continuity

From the Bubonic plague to Ebola, pandemics have had massive historical impact on how societies function. COVID-19 is no different and as corporates attempt to stabilise business in the aftershock of the first and second waves of infection, we are only now getting a glimpse of the more permanent changes this pandemic will bring about. Retrouvez toutes les offres du moment dans la rubrique « promotions » et profitez vite d’avantages https://asgg.fr/ sur les plus grandes marques de la parapharmacie.

While many companies and individuals who were able to work and connect digitally adapted quickly to work-from-home, it has raised questions around the function of the physical workplace in a post-pandemic future. كيفية لعب لعبة اونو

What is the role of the office in terms of creating a business culture and offering a place of belonging? How does it enhance productivity? In terms of catering, how do we continue to share and enjoy coffee and meals while social distancing? And, with an increased emphasis on safety how do we ensure that best practice around preparation and presentation of food is transparent? الجيمنج

These are all questions that weigh on the mind of Wynand Louw, CEO Catering for the Tsebo Solutions Group, as the multinational organisation considers the protocols and practicality of returning its workforce to a more ‘normalised’ work environment. لعبه الذئاب

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