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TsAfrika provides
exclusive, turn key
solutions that meet
the exacting needs
of corporates who
understand that food
and dining is a key
brand attribute.

OUR APPROACH TO Sophisticated Simplicity

Whether it’s a staff restaurant, high-end coffee shop, deli, or a healthy grab-and-go counter, we have a solution for you.

We operate on the cutting-edge of creativity. Our benchmark is to always stay a step ahead of contemporary food trends and creative dining experiences.


We pride ourselves on providing key ingredients to each of our clients. Consistently outstanding quality and only the best ingredients for the finest dining experiences. Highly skilled professionals at the top of their trade approach each need and function with creative flare. We develop our innovative menus and food concepts centrally, following continuous research and development. And we offer Turnkey solutions including Kitchen Design and layout and Facility upgrades.


We cater for upmarket leisure facilities as well as corporate head offices and executive suites – satisfying the needs of the most discerning clients and patrons in the industry. Our revolutionary concepts in full-service catering and convenience-food solutions are enjoyed by many top financial services companies, while the professional services and service-oriented consulting organisations enjoy how we cater to their specialised needs. Our corporate offering includes bespoke high-end deli, grab and go and coffee shop options.

Established in South African tradition. Recognising accepted age old traditional recipes crafted from different cultural backgrounds.
Nothing beats a blend, a sizzle and fresh toast to kick start your day.
Whether you choose to run on dunkin or dive right in, these solid value meals will fit your lifestyle and your pocket too.
Good to go food perfect for those that are the on the go.
A proud food concept reflecting on old favourites, where heartiness, colourfulness and variety are the order of the day.
A creative and interactive platform where the experience is turned into a performance – a feast for all the sense.
Dedicated to non meat eaters and aimed to encourage variety, vitality and new ways of developing trendy plant centric cuisine.
What we eat is more relevant today. A drive in mindful eating to fuel your physical wellbeing. Vital is the brand that we utlise to showcase dishes that exemplify.
A sense of fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction created by our more robust, tried and tested meal offering.


We are committed to providing only the best culinary expertise – to hotels, hospitality management companies and leisure facilities. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for innovative products and concepts to help you and your teams to keep your customers coming back time and time again. TsA is also committed to feeding guests across leisure industries including casinos, cinemas, golf courses and family entertainment centres. We provide solutions your business can rely on, and innovations that help you meet the ever-evolving customer needs.


We specialise in functions and events, where our chefs showcase the full extent of their talents. Our catering solutions cover functions that range from product launches to press events, corporate dinners and much, much more.


We offer full butler service. Our staff are trained to the highest standards and experienced in delivering a discreet and professional service.


Whether you’re looking to relax over a cup of coffee, sit down for an impromptu meeting or grab a quick bite, this is where it all comes together! NOSH offers you a space where Artisanal Food and Coffee meets. Experience a menu simply prepared but with quality at the very heart of it – a selection of home-made gourmet food products for the movers and shakers and the guys on the go. Freshly brewed coffee, extracted fruit juices, juice blends and smoothies are available with any of our centrally-produced and individually-packed food items.


Understanding the roll of technology and the changing needs of your organization and employees, we bring revolutionary concepts and convenient take-home solutions. Our Pantry Box and Event Box offers variety of luxury, decadence and convenience in a food bouquet designed for all special occasions in or away from the office. And our Dinner Box has seasonally-inspired menus of perfectly pre-portioned meals with step-by-step recipe cards to cook for 2, 4 or 6 people. Our on-site staff, WhatsApp line or our Tuck in App receives, processes and ensure convenient delivery of your orders.