The Sensational Spring/Summer Savings Shopper

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Get ready for a sizzling summer of savings in our latest edition of The Shopper, “The Sensational Spring/Summer Savings Shopper.” Unveil the winning flavours with our burger spotlight featuring all the winners. Mouth-watering recipes by Chef Jackie Geluk, Regional Executive Chef at TSA. Dive into the essence of spring and summer with tantalising dishes like baked chicken with brinjal and lemon. Let Chef Marko Engelbrecht, Regional Executive Chef of Business, Industry & Automotive Inland, elevate your taste buds with Moroccan chicken flatbreads and butter chicken curry. Delight in guilt-free indulgence with plant-based mince creations by Chef Luke Reddy, Coastal Regional Chef of Healthwise, and indulge in the sea’s finest with John Dory fish goujons and fish cakes. Plus, discover the best buys, featuring irresistibly delicious samoosas and explore Chef Gesina Erasmus’s enticing chicken and vegetable open lasagne. Lastly, don’t miss out on Johnny Bags Whey Dairy Blend for a dose of dairy delight.

Happy shopping and savouring!

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The Shopper Team

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