Our team is professional, highly qualified and flexible, and has a sound work experience over many years.

All our members and consultants have worked in corporate sectors such as engineering, finances, insurance, petroleum, telecommunications, construction and building, and architectural and
interior design.

We have a solid understanding of corporate client requirements. We understand the demands and the need to avoid disruptions to business, to clients and to the end result.

We pride ourselves on providing seamless, strategic, future-proofed and sustainable workspace solutions in a very competitive market.

We offer a one-stop shop, project-based solution for all clients that includes access to the full soft-service suite offered by Tsebo (our mother company): catering, cleaning, event facilities, protection, procurement, hygiene, energy supply, and international maintenance services (concierge).

As our name and logo suggests, we form the backbone of your business’ success – providing workspace solutions that work for you.