Sustainable food practices promote health as well as environmental and social best practice in the food chain. When producing food, we do not ignore any potential source of benefit.

  • Using less: finding ways of using less oil, gas, electricity and other finite resources
  • Smart sourcing: we never use inputs that would be considered irresponsible. This includes supporting the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative in our sourcing practices
  • Managing waste: we seek to ensure that we destroy waste in a responsible manner
  • Chemicals: we minimise the use of harmful chemicals, and always seek to use neutral alternatives
  • Packaging: we always encourage our clients and customers to make use of environmentally safe packaging alternatives
  • Staff: our staff are trained and measured on compliance with these initiatives

We take our responsibility for our part of the food chain very seriously.

As part of the Tsebo Solutions Group we are committed to running our business in a responsible manner in order to minimise our impact on the environment and to ensure the wellbeing of all our stakeholders, including the environment as a whole, the communities surrounding our operations and our employees.