The essence of the TsAfrika experience lies on the quality of the food. This is delivered through a powerful combination of quality inputs, the very highest skills levels and constant attention to detail.

The Art of Food … brought to you through our skills difference

The Chefs we employ

TsAfrika only employ the best chef talent available to the industry. We thoroughly evaluate their chef skills, experience and ability to manage kitchen processes as part of the recruitment process. The range of knowledge and experience of these chefs is important to us. Our policy is to employ a blend of fine dining chefs, professional function chefs and restaurant chefs to ensure that our business knowledge is always relevant.

The professionalism of our kitchen staff

Our staff are experienced. We ensure that they understand the client’s expectations in every way and that they are motivated and equipped to deliver quality.

Our constant skills development

We never take our skills base for granted. With constantly changingA�food trends and new ideas we never stop developing our skills set.

Our formal training commitment

Our Food Professionals are required to maintain high skills levels in their craft. Therefore they are encouraged and expected to learn and practice new skills continuously.

Our skills and performance measurement

Our Food Professionals are measured according to high internal standards.

Our involvement in the industry

TsAfrika is proud of its track record as an active participant in food industry forums and bodies, helping to grow the industry and stay in touch with its colleagues.