Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is meant for managers of the various departmental teams, who were involved in organising and working on the event on the 10th April 2013 at the IDC. On behalf of the Platinum Valley Project Management Team and Steering Committee, I wish to extend our sincere gratitude for the level of service offered by the event management team, the hospitality and catering management team, the security team, venue management and various other individuals from Team IDC who contributed towards making our event a memorable experience.

The efficiency and professionalism displayed by Team IDC and their hands on approach gave us time to concentrate on the event program. The team helped us focus on engaging fully on the content of the evening’s program and to optimally engage our speakers and guests with ease. Of significance, is the fact that this was all done with a smile and not a single hint of complaint or confusion by Team IDC.

We are grateful to Mr Hannes Malan and his team for facilitating the relationship between Platinum Valley and the IDC. We further wish to thank the marketing department for sponsoring the event.

We hope to work together in the near future. We are happy to have the IDC as part of our team and hope to continue nurturing this promisingly mutually beneficial relationship.


Nonhle Chamane

On Behalf of the Platinum Valley Steering Committee

Dear Service Provider,

I would like to thank you for all your efforts in the preparation and servicing our Ministers, Deputy Ministers and the Premiers of different provinces who held their meetings at our premises over the two-day period. These meetings were very crucial as they will ultimately generate economic benefits for the nation as a whole.

Your dedication, prompt response and professionalism displayed during this period of intense requests and last minute changes made me very proud.

Thank you very much to you all and I truly appreciate your excellent service. You have shown that if we work collectively as a team we can achieve great results that are beyond expectations. During this period you lived the IDC values and you indeed made it happen.

Best regards

Geoffrey Qhena

Chief Executive Officer